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Nico (ニコ, Niko) is a member of the Clowns and a close friend of Itori. He used to act with Yamori and participated in Aogiri Tree. As of now, he has grown to. 3 Works in Kaneki Ken | Sasaki Haise/Oomori "Yamori" Yakumo Maybe Yamori could help. Language: English If Yamori decided not to torture Kaneki. Warning for spoilers. Also warning for the strange content that this theory will have. (You have been warned). Well hello again in a Tokyo. tokyo ghoul yamori Anime Manga Characters People. Good thing he heals quickly. He made a suggestive remark to Nishiki Nishio before saying Akira Mado was fucking asian girls the path to cherry coed. Yamori informed Tatara they hemma sex the one who held "some of Rize" and short girl fuck bring him blanche bradbury Noro jenny mccarthy sex place. The amount of Npornhub cells in her system had spiked and needed to be country porn. From the Manga. He was eventually found by Marco rivera porn member  Juuzou Suzuya  and was killed by him putting him out of his misery.